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Ecommerce consulting services help improve customer experience and optimize business operations for resilience in the competitive market. I offer tech-savvy eCommerce consulting services, expert in ecommerce software.


Ecommerce Consulting Services | High-ROI Strategies

Ecommerce consulting services - ScienceSoft

  • International presence

    in Africa, Europe and the Middle East

  • 7-10 years

    average experience of our consultants

  • Experience-based

    eCommerce technology consulting

Ecommerce Solutions We Build

Modular micro services-based eCommerce solutions

We recommend the micro-services-based architecture for companies with a unique business concept and ambitious growth plans. We create micro-services-based solutions both for eCommerce newcomers and established businesses migrating from platform-based solutions.

Headless eCommerce solutions

We decouple front- and back-end layers in eCommerce solutions to design and implement unique user interfaces cost-effectively. Website design in such solutions is very flexible and can be iterated quickly.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

We advise on a PWA solution if a company has prevailing mobile traffic and wants to increase mobile conversions. A PWA creates excellent mobile experience with such features as offline mode support, instant loading, and an icon to access your website from a mobile home screen.

Platform-based eCommerce solutions

We create beautiful, highly customized, and scalable websites on top of the Magneto platform. We provide full consulting, development and support assistance for our Magneto projects.

How We Create Customer-Centric Ecommerce Strategies

Our eCommerce consulting services go beyond a narrower concept of digital user experience on your website and help you manage effectively the entire experience customers have with your company – from awareness to loyalty. It helps a lot that we aim our marketing consulting effort at the integration of proper tools for well-organized multi-channel marketing.

Customer acquisition

  • You adopt contextual commerce to sell to your customers whenever and wherever they find convenient.
  • Organic traffic comes both from commercial and informational search queries and altogether grows.
  • Your audience converts at each touchpoint.
  • You win Millennials and Generation Z with social commerce.
  • You encourage impulse buys.
  • You achieve a high ROI on sales and marketing channels.

Digital customer journey

  • With appealing UI design, you build instant customer trust and strong brand identity.
  • Frictions during digital journeys are eliminated due to the reduced impulse abandonment rate.
  • Checkout conversions are increased.
  • Your customers have all the opportunities to purchase on the go.
  • A good share of your revenue comes from effective upsells and cross-sells.
  • Engagement marketing brings your customer relationships beyond a purchase transaction.
  • Your multi-channel customer support service allows for quick case resolution 24/7.

Customer order fulfillment

  • Automation of supply, distribution, inventory and order management workflows saves you operating costs in the long run.
  • Your customers experience no delays in order delivery.
  • With real-time inventory visibility, you timely detect stale stock and prevent under stock.
  • From your analytics tools, you get precise demand forecasts.
  • Full visibility into the cross-channel purchasing history of your customers gives rise to personalized marketing campaigns.

Customer retention

  • You track customer behavior, elicit behavioral patterns and tailor your communication strategy to different customer segments.
  • Your after-sale customer engagement is effective.
  • Personalized product recommendations in emails increase CTR and website conversions.
  • You put historical data to good use to assess potential outcomes of marketing campaigns.
  • Your ROI on email campaigns is high with digital marketing automation.
  • You capture and respond to customer feedback coming from a variety of channels (product reviews on a website, emails, social media, phone) in real time.


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